WWE Superstar Seth Rollins was falsely rumored to have his finisher, “Curb Stomp,” banned.

The move is performed when the opponent is on all fours or their head is down.  Rollins runs and steps on the back of their neck/head and drives it into ground.  The move has been banned before because of its violent look, but the ban came directly from Vince McMahon himself.

According to ProWrestling.com Ben Kerin of Wrestling News Source announced via Twitter the move is banned via an insider source.  Kerin claimed it was due to a problem the network [USA Network] had with the maneuver. Rollins responded to the tweet saying the source is incorrect.

During the match with Rollins and Dolph Ziggler on RAW the finish was a Superplex” into a “Falcon Arrow.”  The finish not being the “Curb Stomp” sparked ban rumors.

The rumor has made its way all across the internet and Bryan Alvarez was asked during Wrestling Observer Live about the ban according to Ringside News.

“They’re trying to get over another finish for him. He does the falcon arrow in every match. It never wins, people still go crazy for it. The fact that he won with it is gonna make it a hotter nearfall from now on.” “So he went for the Curb Stomp twice in that match and didn’t get it, so it’s not like it’s gone,” Alvarez said.

This is not the first time a finisher has been rumored to be banned only to be unveiled in a match to a huge “pop” by the crowd. When A.J. Styles first debuted his finisher, “Styles Clash,” was was not used and rumored to be banned. However, when he first used it everyone went crazy.  When Rollins used the “Curb Stomp” for the first time after it was unbanned again a huge “pop.”

It is pretty obvious Rollins/WWE really wanted to make the “Ripcord Knee” his finisher, but the move was never really accepted.  This “Superplex” into a “Falcon Arrow” is most likely an attempt to phase out the “Ripcord Knee” for a more accepted finish. Rollins has proven he can do the “Curb Stomp” safely and consistently so a ban in the future is unlikely.

Courtesy of WWE

The Curb Stomp will most likely be a move Rollins will have to pull out when all else fails like the “Phoenix Splash.” It could also be akin to Undertaker “Goin’ Old School” and be a move the fans don’t see a lot, but is a treat when they do.

It is not uncommon for a move to be banned in the WWE with the “piledriver” and the “Tombstone Piledriver” being banned multiple times in the ‘90s.  However, it is rare and is usually preceded by a publicized lawsuit after a child was injured while performing the move.



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