At least for the top of the chart, the placings were easy to predict.  The Wizarding sequel was guaranteed to win the weekend and comfortably at that.  The real story is did the Wizarding sequel do well enough?  And the answer to that seems to be a troubling – no.

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#1 – Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

FB brought in a nice $62.2 million.  For most any film that would be a great total, but for the Wizarding World, it actually is a bit troublesome as you dig into past numbers.  $62 million is the lowest of all of the previous Wizarding movies, including $13 million less than its immediate predecessor Fantastic Beasts.  The movie has received a 40%/70% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Again sounds like  a typical disconnect that usually happens between fans of a movie and critics, but this is Harry Potter!  Those scores are the lowest of the franchise to date.

Those that scored the film lower were almost unanimous in their opinions.  The film is a jumbled mess that left many lost and confused.  It also lost the charm that not only Potter had, but even the charm of the first Fantastic Beasts.  Going forward the franchise may need to be careful or it will spiral into the cellars.

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#2 – The Grinch

Dropping a mere 43.5% from its opening week, The Grinch pulled in another $38 million.  Its Christmas theme might help it in the weeks ahead.  There is just one problem.  This Wednesday it will get “wrecked.”

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#3 – Bohemian Rhapsody

Taking in the number 3 spot is the Queen story.  Reports are this movie is pushing their music back into demand.  Rhapsody only dropped 49.7% despite losing almost 200 screens (197) in its third week.  This fan favorite should also have a nice  steady run for a few weeks in a run similar to A Star Is Born.

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#4 – Instant Family

Coming in at fourth is the comedy starring Matt Wahlberg and Rose Byrne with $14.7 million.  Matt and Rose are a couple who adopts three kids and go from childless to full blown zoo.  Instant Family received an A from Cinemascore.

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#5 – Widows

Finally, the last of our newcomers, Widows, managed fifth place with $12.3 million.  Widows follows four women who just lost their husbands to a failed heist job.  The ladies attempt to finish the heist to pay off the debts of their husbands.


With the holiday, Wednesday is the big day this week.  Of course a big week calls for BIG titles, and this week does not disappoint.  You always have to give the edge to the kids movie, but there are two films fighting for the heavy weight crown.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is the early favorite.  The first movie was a monster hit.  Look for this one to follow suit.  Also vying for the title, Creed II releases.  The son of Apollo Creed takes on the son of his father’s killer.  Look for some great action and acting from this one.  Lastly, the Taron Egerton led film, Robin Hood also releases this week.  Look for this to be the prince of thieves crossed with Kingsman.