Less than 2 days after listings on Amazon came up for both the rest of the first wave of Lightning Collection figures, and the first figures for Beast Morphers, we have more listings for toys.

There are for a 3rd-party developer, so these Hasbro didn’t develop. Twitter page Power Ranger Talk posted the new listings:

They did also put a second tweet out that has some stuff seen in the first tweet, but a few other products are in this list as well:

They also tweeted an image of the prices for the products:

Now, the interesting thing about this is Hasbro is going to be the manufacturer of these products, but Playskool will be selling the products. Something interesting about the listings is one of the toys, the Rhino Zord, is from Jungle Fury. There hasn’t been a toy for that season since the showed aired backed in 2008.

It seems like, Hasbro and the 3rd party brands that will also be making Power Rangers toys will be making toys from all of the seasons of the franchise. But the toys don’t start releasing until Spring 2019, so us fans have a lot of time to continue to speculate what else could be made.