Hasbro takes over the license for Power Rangers next year. And there are new listings on Amazon that are giving us our first glimpse of what figures will be in wave one of the lighting collection, and what the first Beast Morphers toys will be.

Twitter fan page Power Ranger Talk had posted this picture:

Now, at Morphicon it was announced that we were going to be getting the MMPR White Ranger as our first figure in the new Lighting collection. And this listing shows that the first wave will also be including MMPR Pink, Lost Galaxy Magna Defender, SPD Shadow Ranger, Dino Charge Red, Lord Zedd as out villain, and the Ultrazord.

Along with the figures, some of the toys for Beast Morphers have been listed as well. We look to be getting first the Red and Gold Ranger figures first, but those seem to be the first figures for the series getting released.

This is a very good start for the new Hasbro Power Ranger toys, and more news in the coming months should be getting released. So you can stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for the latest in Power Rangers news.