Power Rangers has been around for 25 years, and throughout the 25-year history, there have been many suit designs. From the original MMPR suits to the 1995 suits, to even the 2017 movie suits, and all of the series in-between.

But, Go Go Power Rangers artist Dan Mora posted a really cool concept art to his Instagram:


And it’s Jason in a redesign of his MMPR Red Ranger suit. The suit looks so different from the suit in the comics, but it does look to be inspired by the suits from the 2017 movie.

The chest piece looks very similar to the one in the film, and the suit looks like a “sporty” style, which I appreciate. And this suit actually looks better than the old MMPR suits.

I do feel like this suit design could, eventually, get changed to these suits. And I would be ok with that.