WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar will be facing the WWE World Champion A.J. Styles at Survivor Series later this month but what about the Beast defending the title past that? Well, it looks like Brock has another date for 2018 and that’s at TLC in December.

In a surprising move the WWE put the WWE Universal Championship on Lesnar after Roman Reigns had to vacate the title due to his bout with Leukemia. Many thought that the WWE would be forced to put the Championship on Braun Strowman, but after recent rumors of Braun being his own worst enemy arose earlier this week it seems that management changed those plans.

With Lesnar holding the title we’re not expecting it to get defended much between now and the Royal Rumble. We also don’t expect to see much of Lesnar on Monday Night’s either. One question that lingers is who will Brock be defending the WWE Universal Championship against at WWE TLC?

Let us know who you think Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE Universal Championship against at WWE TLC in the comments below.