Since the beginning of Power Rangers there have been many evil Rangers like the Psycho Rangers, A-squad, or the White Dino Ranger clone. Adam Tuominen, aka Hunter Bradley, the Crimson Thunder Ranger, known as an evil Ranger turned good, views his character differently. In an interview with That Hashtag Show he gives his perspective on his character and this is what he had to say:

Was he evil? I mean, he was avenging his parents. Would you say that’s evil? He was lied to by the bad guy but he was doing the right thing by him and his brother. So was he really evil? He was just trying to right some wrongs.

Viewing it from Adam’s side, it was two brothers trying to get justice for their deceased parents. Even in their plan to get revenge they did feel some remorse when fighting the Rangers. They even helped repay a debt to the Rangers by helping defeat the forces of evil. After realizing they were lied to by Lothor about their parents deaths they quickly left to rethink their actions and go after who truly wronged them.

The only time they were truly evil was when Choobo mind warped them into thinking the core Rangers were their enemies. The Thunder Rangers were misguided, but never true villains at least not by choice. Considering Adam’s point of view do you see the Thunder Rangers in a new light or still see them as ex-villains. Leave a comment below about how you saw the Thunder Rangers.