Jackie Marchand released some awesome concept art for Power Rangers Turbo Movie. Turbo Rangers in Aqua Suites. Jackie Marchand is a producer and writer from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Time Force and from Power Rangers Ninja Storm to Power Rangers RPM.



Red Turbo Aqua Suites.



Yellow, Pink and Green Aqua Suites.



Power Rangers Turbo Movie came out in 1997. The Rangers find themselves searching for the Turbo Powers to fight against the space pirate Divatox. This marks the beginning of the Power Rangers Turbo season making the movie cannon with the show unlike the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie in 1995. This was also when Steve Cardenas who plays Rocky leaves the franchise and Blake Foster who plays Justin takes over as the Blue Ranger. Also returning for a cameo is Amy Jo Johnson (original pink ranger) and Austin St. John (original red ranger).



What do you guys think of the aqua suites? Should they have used them in the movie? Let me know what you think below.