I recently presented to you the 6 worst lightsaber fights in all of Star Wars HERE.  Even after this best of list, there are still 6-7 lightsaber fights unaccounted for.  Many are praise worthy, but they aren’t the best.  Here are the 6 best lightsaber fights from the movies from six to number one.

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#6 Darth Sidious vs Yoda (Revenge of the Sith)

This was a very good fight.  For the first time in all the movies, we saw two force masters go head to head.  It did not disappoint. Yoda’s jump around style isn’t liked by everybody, but when you aren’t even 2’6” tall what else are you supposed to do.  The build up to the fight was good.  In theaters when Yoda so nonchalantly waves a hand, toppling the two royal guards, viewers busted out laughing.  Sidious gets his little blast in.  Yoda gets his major shove in, and then its show time!

The switching back and forth between Ian McDiarmid and his stunt double are much better than in the Windu fight.  The action stays fast and furious through out and then we get into force battles.  I remember the simple spinning of the pod sent the RPG people into fits trying to figure out how that worked in the RPG world.

It concludes in the epic lighting stand-off.  Sidious is giving everything he has, but once Yoda buckles down and can push back, its game over.  I love the “Oh Shit!” look Sidious gets.  Every sign points to Yoda being the stronger of the two, but the bad fall for him after the force explosion, and Sidious managing to grab a railing, takes Yoda out of the fight.