1. Kylo Ren, the Scariest Star Wars Character

Surprised again? Again, you shouldn’t be. Sure, Kylo comes across like a petulant child, but honestly that’s what makes him so frightening. First of all, he is indeed powerful. Though we don’t know just what training Snoke bestowed upon him, we know he was strong enough to stop a laser bolt in mid-air in The Force Awakens. In The Last Jedi he was so strong he could mask his betrayal from his master before cleaving Snoke in two. But it’s his unhinged, mental instability that makes him truly scary, and dangerous. Conversely, all the others on this list were calculated. Often brutally so, but calculated nonetheless. Not Ren. He’s an armed thermal detonator ready to go off at any moment. For those around him, that’s terrifying.

So there you have it, folks. Who’s the scariest Star Wars character for you? Let us know, and be safe out there this Halloween.