Well gang, if you missed Star Wars Fanatics last night, you missed a great show. I had the pleasure of joining @ThatHashtagRo and @ThatHashtagJoe to discuss a variety of topics. We touched on the theft from the Mandalorian set, cancellation of the Boba Fett movie, and the future of the Star Wars franchise. Being so close to Halloween, we also put it to you to tell us who, for you, is the scariest Star Wars character.

Scariest Star Wars Character

“I’m not afraid.”
“You will be. You will be.”

Today I present to you my top 5 list, counting down to the scariest Star Wars character of them all. (Note: for our purposes I’m only considering characters form the feature films.) For my list I’m choosing characters that aren’t just scary from a “he looks scary” perspective. Rather, it’s the whole of the character that makes these five frightening. Disagree? Send us your comments on Facebook at Star Wars Fanatics, or ping me on Twitter: @JJ_Goodman.

Alright Force ghosts and ghouls, here we go.