Police in Manhattan Beach are investigating a reported theft on the set of The Mandalorian.

On a set that has been holding onto its secrets it seems that a few may have been taken. It was reported that items from Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian Set has been stolen. While we still don’t know what all was stolen The Blast reported that the production crew is worried about a memory card that is missing with sensitive information on it.

What Happened?

The Blast was told that the expensive equipment was stolen from the camera department. Sources close to the production told the Blast that all hell broke loose when it was found out the equipment and memory card was missing from The Mandalorian set. They believe that the equipment was stolen at night when the set was dark.

The police and Lucasfilm have launched investigations and are trying to track down the missing equipment. An Official from the Manhattan Police Department confirmed responding to a theft call on the set around 11am the day the items were found missing.

What is next?

Well it looks like it will be a waiting game. Does the person know what they got? If they do are they willing to leak the information on the memory card with the fear of getting caught? With studios not afraid to go after data leakers, the person or people that have the equipment might never come forward due to the fear of what punishment might happen.

Even with the fear of being caught, the sensitive information from The Mandalorian could still pop up anytime. Whatever was on that memory card it was enough to work up the crew of The Mandalorian. That card could possibly have some of the answers about the series we have been looking for. Could it tell us who the main Mandalorian is? Or will it have any leaks of Star Wars characters that we might know from other movies?

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