Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has a lot going on right now in terms of Star Wars projects. Episode 9 is currently in production. So is The Mandalorian. Star Wars Resistance is now airing on TV, and The Clone Wars returns next year, too. So, naturally, all of the Star Wars fans are asking one question. When is the standalone Boba Fett movie going to be releasing? Well, it now seems like it’s not getting made at all. That’s right: Boba Fett movie, cancelled.

Prominent Sirius XM journalist Erick Webber tweeted out saying that Kathleen Kennedy told him that the Boba Fett standalone film is not getting made. All that energy is now being put into The Mandalorian. 

Boba Fett Film Officially Off the Table

Sadly, this news doesn’t really surprise me at all. After Solo not doing well at the box office , it was almost guaranteed that any and all prequel films on the slate weren’t going to get made at all. 

Now, we heard a few months ago that the film was going to be made and had a director attached to it. We had also then learned that Simon Kinberg was attached to it as the co-writer, so naturally, by now, the film should be in pre-production.

Around this time as well, it had been announced that the film wouldn’t start shooting until 2020, and this was a little surprising. Mainly because it wouldn’t release then until possibly 2021.

Yes, Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that the film is no longer happening. Now it almost seems like the prequel films will never get made.

Nevertheless, the fact that Lucasfilm is making a show based on a new character inspired by both Boba and Jango Fett is quite amazing. It is exciting to see the first live-action Star Wars series getting made. And this will be a good testing ground to see if any other live-action Star Wars series to get made.

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