Welcome back! Previously we began our top 20 countdown of gifts that should be on your list for that special Star Wars someone in your life. Today we bring you the top ten.

10 Foster Grant Boba Fett Sunglasses Gift Set

Star Wars Gifts

This sunglasses gift set is perfect for that Boba Fett fan in your life. Even if they are not a Boba Fett fan Foster Grant has other Star Wars themed glasses on their site. Each gift set comes with a pair of sunglasses, collectable hard case, protective soft pouch and a lanyard. These glasses were made to take over the universe. You can get the Boba Fett or other gift sets by checking out fostergrant.com

9 Star Wars Lego Betrayal at Cloud City

Your Lego Star Wars fan will love to relive this moment from The Empire Strikes Back as they put together this 2812-piece set. This set is divided different sections depicting scenes from the movie. A landing platform with Boba Fett’s Slave 1, the dining room where Leia and Han meet Darth Vader, a carbon freeze chamber, and the balcony that Luke and Vader face off are just some of the amazing builds for this set. You can order this set from Lego at $349.99.

8 Star Wars The Vintage Collection Imperial Combat Assault Tank

This vintage-inspired packaging alone will make any Star Wars collector happy. This 3.75-inch scale replica Imperial Combat Assault Tank looks like it just rolls out of Star Wars: Rogue One and into their collection. You can order this from Amazon for $70.85 or higher.

7 Star Wars Socks From Stance

Stance.com offers a large variety of socks that will have any Star Wars fan’s sock game on point. From a single pair to gift sets Stance will keep your Star Wars fan comfortable and in style. All of their socks have a theme to them and come in different styles.

6 The Original Stormtrooper Decanter

This glass decanter is designed to look like the iconic Stormtrooper helmet. This was made for fans of Star Wars and Alcohol. This decanter holds 750ml booze. At least with this Stormtrooper you have a better shot of hitting your target as you pour into your favorite drinking glass. You can get this decanter at firebox.com.

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