Carrie Fisher as Slave Leia is a memory that will stick with young Star Wars fans for a lifetime. She is my Princess Leia. However, Olivia Munn in the famous metal bikini is not something to take lightly.

She rocked the box office as Psylocke, but these pics got me wondering if there’s an even better role for her out there?

No one can replace the late, great Carrie Fisher. So as a die hard fanboy, is it wrong that I can picture Olivia Munn taking the reigns of the iconic Princess in the franchise’s future?

Before there she was rocking the big screen as a Marvel superhero, she was queen of the geeks at G4 tv. These flashback Comic Con pics of Munn in Slave Leia cosplay will stop and any fan boy in their tracks. Put down the lightsaber, you might hurt yourself. May the Force be with you…
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Olivia Munn can make a great case for playing Young Princess Leia!


Jaba’s never been so lucky!


Yup, still better awesome


Still got to put in work!

But wait, we saved the best for last…