Power Rangers Beast Morphers is well into shooting the season, and next year the season will be premiering on Nickelodeon. But all of us fans have been saying that it was weird that Saban had renewed their contract to keep the show on Nickelodeon for 3 more years.

That’s not accounting the fact of with the deal being for 3 more years, it is weird to have a Ranger team be on TV for 2 years, with a 3-year contract. But it seems like we will be getting Beast Morphers for 2 seasons.

Now, this is coming from a tweet by Twitter user IAmKneeGrow who shared an image of what looks likes the main unit draft call sheet.

Yes this looks like it confirms we are getting a super season, and yeah we might be. This tweet is, however, saying that we might not be getting a super season.

It is weird to have 2 seasons with the same team, and not have a super season at all. But until we hear confirmation from Hasbro that it will or won’t a super season, I would right now keep this as a rumor.