Star Wars Episode IX is still 14 months away and still in production, but rumors are starting to slip about a possible Episode IX teaser trailer only being a few months out, and it may feel familiar.

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 03: Conductor John Williams debuts his new version of the The Star-Spangled Banner at PBS’s 2014 A CAPITOL FOURTH rehearsals at U.S. Capitol, West Lawn on July 3, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capitol Concerts)

We have long heard in this supposed saga finale, it will tie in all eras of the saga from Episode 1-8.  Express discovered an “unverified” source (take it as you will) that the first throwback to the older movies will be to the prequels through their music.  They had this to say:

“John Williams will compose a track mixed with music from the prequel and the original trilogies. It will be their way of letting fans subliminally know that prequel content is coming. This special track won’t be in the movie but dedicated to the trailer only.”

Episode IX Teaser Trailer to be Full of Nostaliga

Rumors are hard enough to believe at times even when “verified,” but this is totally plausible and easily done.  The easiest way for this to occur is quite simple.  If this is truly to be the end of the saga films, then a simple montage trailer would be fitting.  We get key scenes and music from the prequels and if they choose, the original trilogy.  They could be images just reliving the key moments or it could have actual tie-ins to the story. Then at the end, we get some new footage.

The way rumors are moving, it seems like something major is going to tie back to the prequel trilogy in a major way.  Rumor is also that a set report listed Italy, which could mean a return to Naboo.

Also, while there were a few key pieces of music, the most notable was obviously “Duel of the Fates” with Darth Maul.  That would be very easy to overlay to anything dark.  We could get a whole new trailer of Episode 9 footage, but the Prequel music could hint to whatever the connection is.

There was one other small tidbit of information from Express.  Do you know when Superbowl LII airs next year?  You might want to mark February 3 on your calendars. They say this will be the probable release date for this first Episode IX teaser trailer, which fits previous time lines. T-minus 4 months.