I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If all Star Wars is to you is the movies, you are seriously missing out. Case in point – Marvel Comics continues to deliver enriching back story and gap-fillers with its current Star Wars comic run. Last time out, we got to see how the Millennium Falcon ended up in such terrible shape at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. Now, thanks to Star Wars #55, we get Han Solo flying an X-wing and other surprises.

Han Solo, Rogue Leader?

Star Wars #55

Marvel Comics: Star Wars #54 (GIllen/Larroca/Guru-eFX)

The Falcon is out of commission and the Rebels are desperately trying to escape Vader’s Death Squadron ambush. So what does the “I’m in it for the money” scoundrel do? He shows his true, heroic colors and jumps in an X-wing to help lead the squadron Luke had just christened in honor of Jyn Erso.

While Screen Rant tipped us off to issue #55’s release, Han’s fighter pilot adventure actually begins in Star Wars #54 and continues on into Stars Wars #55. There we see him taking over for Luke and even flying together with R2-D2. Despite his general distaste for droids, Han shares a brief moment of camaraderie with the astromech. Their ship disabled and hopes dashed, Han and Artoo await their fate before Leia rescues them at the last moment.

Marvel Comics: Star Wars #54 (GIllen/Larroca/Guru-eFX)

Leia has her own adventures in these issues, too, as her mission to infiltrate Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer is somewhat successful. Nevertheless, she must still escape flying an Imperial TIE fighter and nearly gets shot down… until her actions and Luke’s intuition make it clear which side the seemingly wayward TIE is on.

These escapades are just a portion of what issues #54 and #55 bring to the table, however.