Horror Haunts and Throwbacks with CAMP COLD BROOK Director Andy Palmer


                            Camp Cold Brook
Directed By Andy Palmer
Starring: Chad Michael Murray, Danielle Harris, Michael Eric Reid, Mary Kathryn Bryant.

review and interview by: Dorothy Massey

Filmed on location in Oklahoma (Ooooooklahoma!) Camp Cold Brook tells the story of
Image result for camp cold brookGhostfacers style reality show host Jack Wilson (Chad Michael Murray) on a quest to get a huge ratings boost to save his flagging television show. The crew thinks that they have just the ticket in an abandoned church camp in Oklahoma, where 28 children were slaughtered  in the 90s. Of course, with this being a horror movie, things don’t exactly go as planned, and our heroes get much more than they bargained for in the form of vengeful creepy child ghosts, skin crawling spiders, spooky witchcraft symbols, and no cell service.

The film does a bang up job of paying homage to not only camp massacre thrillers but your
classic tales of haunts as well. The film also contains some of the most well executed “play within a play” material through the use of gimbal stabilized cameras for their handheld footage. No shaky cam here folks!

After the screening at Shriekfest I was able to grab a quick interview with Director Andy Palmer, whose passion for tropey horror and genre nods is readily apparent in the film. In response to what his favorite homages in the film are “Rockin Ricky Rialto Is Our DJ”, and the one that people haven’t come up to me and I’m surprised is that when he’s intro-ingImage result for gremlins
the reality show he says ‘We make the illogical logical’, and that was Billy Peltzer’s dad’s motto in Gremlins. Palmer’s background in reality television also shines through in the camaraderie of the production crew on screen. His favorite scene to film was a scene in which the characters are sitting around a campfire swapping on-set stories;

“That camaraderie that you feel on set when your with people and you work with them 12 or 13 hours a day, to have those moments and that back and forth…and all those things are true stories, so she’s telling a story about the Mansfield Reformatory, which is in Ohio, which we were scouting for my last movie, Funhouse Massacre, and that’s where they shot The Shawshank Redemption, when we were in the cell block this wind kicked up and it sounded like there were werewolves outside. So we took that, and incorporated that in the story.”

So if you like abandoned summer camps, creepy ghost kids, urban legends, and some legit
jump scares, in a well-written, well-shot horror romp, be sure to check out Camp Cold Brook.

Interview with Director Andy Palmer