You’ve heard about it for 38 years. We have now seen in played in canon in the Solo: A Star Wars Story. Now you can bring it home – Sabacc! or not Sabacc….actually. The Han Solo Card Game is supposed to be a representation of the card game Sabacc. The problem is that it plays different than the movie and definitions of the game. Different isn’t always bad though.

You wont find a faster set up than this. Before dealing, flip over one prize tile for each player, or if you prefer a challenge one less than the number of players. Shuffle the deck, deal 2 cards to each player and you are good to go.


This is a fairly easy game to learn, but one of those that may seems stupid til you begin to understand the strategies behind winning.  This is a lot like Blackjack.  Through out Star Wars you will see different versions and styles of play.  The canon version says the winner is the closest to 23 without going over.

In this game the idea is to be as close to zero as possible, using a combination of plus and minus cards.  There are three rounds where you choose one of the following: Draw a face down card.  Draw the face up card from the discard pile or stand and do nothing.  You have the option to discard a card every round if you wish unless you stand.  The rankings of power hands goes like this:

  • closest to 0 wins
  • a +2 would beat a -2
  • a hand of 2 with more cards beats a hand of 2 with less cards
  • a +10, 0, -10 is a perfect hand (Sabacc if you will)

Did i mention the dice? (yes the one Han has hanging in the Falcon).  In legends the cards were mechanical and could change on you at a moments notice unless you placed it under a static screen to lock it in.  As a money saving simulation, and now canon device, after each round the dice are rolled.  If the symbols match, you discard your hand and draw that many cards again.  It throws a real randomness into the game.

The final winner after three rounds gets first pick of the prize tokens.  The largest prize that will usually determine the winner is the Falcon, but in a two or three person game, if one person wins four blue or four red rewards cards, you can use them to steal the Falcon chip from its winner.

There are all sorts of customs you can do to this game.  One we do when we have four or more people is use poker chips and actually bet after each round  It adds a bit more betting fun to the game.


There is not much to this game, but of what there is, it’s very good quality.  The cards are a good stock and will last through quite a bit of play time and handling.  The two dice are a very nice weight and quality, and the rewards chips are solid cardboard.  This game will take playing abuse for some time.


There really is no storage for this game.  All you have is a deck of cards, two dice and the rewards chips.  The box they come in is not suited for keeping, but then again, all you need is a card box, or zip lock bag and you are good to go.

This really is a quick, fun card game that is easy for the whole family to play.  If something isn’t working for you, feel free to nudge the rules a bit for some added fun of challenge.  Once you learn the strategies behind this game, it is good for casual players as well as the more serious scoundrels.

SET-UP    10/10


QUALITY      9/10

STORAGE    4/10

TOTAL   32/40