Legends of Aria: The MMORPG you never even knew you wanted is finally in Early Access

Legends of Aria, the first completely player ran MMORPG, finally launches on steam after years of development on December 4th.

What makes Legends of Aria special in the somewhat saturated world of MMORPG worlds is that everything is ran by the player.  The shops, the inn, the very cities are all ran by players in what seems to be the ultimate roleplay game.


You have to ability to literally find a plot of land to build a home for your character and that’s YOUR home.  Not a “here’s one house that we shuffle everyone into for a different area” thing(making the 7 day head star package a really big deal for those who are heavily involved in this kind of concept.)

10/10 would be awesome if houses get this indepth

Specs – no grinding required

Legends of Aria takes a distinct page from Runescape and giving you 32+ different skills to master.  However, the devs say theirs no grind…interrresting…

“No more levels and classes and quest grinds! As you explore the world you learn new skills and perfect them.” (https://www.legendsofaria.com/legends-of-aria-faq/)

Another interesting feature:  you can cap out at certain skills, after which case you will need to deactivate in order to specialize, however, if you need to build a certain skill, you can go back and pick it up, at the expense of another.  You don’t lose points in the process.

Mod Friendly

The games best defining feature however, is that the devs open their arms to player run servers and modders.  The community is allowed to create custom rules, content, and entire worlds.  If the community shows up to this aspect of the game, its possible that it will have a healthy fan base for years to come.

In a nutshell, It’s Second Life, WoW and Runescape all packaged in what sounds like to be a massive sized area.

Questions Remain About The Game

The idea of a truly wide open sandbox sounds awesome.  however…Just a few questions about everything…

  • How does starting a business work?  Who do you buy from?  Or is there a crazy crafting system that makes pretty much everything unique?
  • Can someone raid my lands?
  • How do quests work, seriously though?
  • If they are people ran quests am I basically just doing fetch quests for some high roller?
  • whats the PVP like?

So far, all I can see if an awesome concept.  They preface its early access and not the full game, so its forgivable if not everything is ready to do at launch.

Pricing Guide

There are 3 price points for the pre-order.

First and foremost, not subscription based, so that’s a plus.

  • 29.99 gets you access to the beta, loyalty points, the headstart, an ingame title, and cloak
  • 49.99 gets you access to the beta, loyalty points, the headstart, an ingame title, cloak, a crown, and some swag design for your house
  • 89.99 for you big rollers gets you access to the beta, loyalty points, the headstart, an ingame title, cloak, a shinier crown, and some better swag design for your house as well as the 49.99 design package.

Is it worth it?

The concept alone is worth the 29.99 price point.  with it being early access, I wouldn’t go farther than the noble package unless you are already a mmorpg fanboi.  You can check it out for yourself in the link below!


Are you down to play?  are there any other mmoprgs you are waiting for?  Comment down below!