Marvel firing author Chuck Wendig has created yet another disturbance in the Force. Star Wars is one of the most successful movie franchises in history (now second only to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to a Business Insider report back in March). That doesn’t even factor in the television programming, video releases, toys, games or books. Taken together, that all makes Star Wars one the most successful media franchises in history. However, a troubling image of the franchise takes shape as we look back in reflection. We are nearing the one year anniversary of The Last Jedi’s release last December. Over that span, our beloved galaxy far, far away has been mired in Star Wars controversies.

The hiring and firing of Chris Miller and Phil Lord as the directors of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ was just one of many Star Wars controversies in the last year or so.

So what has happened to tarnish the Star Wars shine? And what can Disney and Lucasfilm do about it?  On the following pages of this article we’ll examine some of the biggest Star Wars controversies to crop up over the last year and a half or so. Stay tuned here for a follow up article later this week about how to address them.