The Mandalorian is now in full production and we have seen what our new protagonist looks like.  Set photos are being leaked out daily. One of them even looked to have our star in a hooded robe with his face conveniently hidden.  We even have a list of some of the directors.  The one thing we lack is who is in front of the camera!?

TVWeb has stumbled across some rumors that not only sound plausible, but likely and would be great additions to the production.  Recently, we listed several of the Mandalorian directors that have been confirmed to be behind the camera for some of the episodes.  Now we hear that many of these directors will in fact be IN FRONT of the camera as well.

This is nothing new to movies in general, but especially to Star Wars.  All of the films are ripe with cameos of former actors, family members and behind the camera film people getting their few seconds of fame in front of the camera, including George Lucas himself in Revenge of the Sith.


This actually makes perfect sense as some of these new directors have been in front of the camera more than behind it, and many have been great in their roles.  Dave Filoni has tons of experience behind the camera.  While he hasn’t “acted” in front of the camera, he has done quite a bit of voice work.  Granted his biggest role you will never know by listening – Chopper.

Jon Favreau is producing the series, but i’d imagine he steps behind the camera at some point as well. While recently known for directing big-screen home runs like Jungle Book, Ironman and the forth-coming Lion King live-action remake, he has a great many memorable roles in front of the camera as well.  Among his more memorable roles are Happy Hogan in the MCU movies, Rio Durant in Solo:A Star Wars Story, and many other cameos.  He brings a love-ability to his roles.

One of the questionable inclusions in the directors group is Bryce Dallas Howard.  While she has 9 director credits under her belt, they are smaller movies few would know about.  Her fame comes from acting in movies such as Jurassic World, Pete’s Dragon, and Twilight. Giving her a role, big or small, in front of the camera makes a lot of sense.  She could be an awesome add if she were to have a meatier part.

Taika Waititi is a newer name that is most closely connected to Thor: Ragnarok.  It was a commercial success with him behind the camera, but does that qualify him to be in from of the camera?  Actually it does.  Remember the blue rock-looking dude that wasn’t too bright when it came to staging coups?  That was Waititi.  It was a great performance and was a nice touch to the movie.  HIS character could add some real spirit to any scene if called for.

That only leaves Rick Famuyiwa and Deborah Chow.  Neither has any acting credits to their names yet, but for even a bit part they may find themselves drawn in front of the camera for a scene or two.

Whether these directors take on small roles buried in the backs of scenes, characters that may interact in a scene and leave, or are bigger parts of the show, they will be welcomed both behind and in front of the camera.  This show could really be something special.  With everything beginning to fly, the studio better be releasing a casting list sometime soon.  With the Comiccon season all but wrapped up, there are no major events where they could release the casting list.  I do not see them waiting til Star Wars Celebration 2019 in April.  There is no way the cast stays secret that long.  It should be soon.