The Star Wars community is seriously divided when it comes to the prequels. However you slice it, these films did provide us with very important pieces of the Skywalker story, including the birth of Darth Vader in Revenge Of The Sith.

Now, one constant in all Star Wars trilogy films to date is master composer John Williams. He has composed, conducted and has been a major contributor to every single movie. The upcoming Episode 9 will be no is no exception.

Abrams and Williams in the studio during The Force Awakens sessions

Apparently, director JJ Abrams has asked Williams to create a new piece of music based on a theme from Revenge Of The Sith. In addition to that, he has asked the iconic composer to reprise many of the themes from all the previous films for the Skywalker saga’s grand finale. Currently, Williams is getting a new piece ready for the first Episode 9 trailer due out next summer.

Unfortunately, this will probably be John Williams last Star Wars film, but we hope not. Get more details about the upcoming score in the video below. That’s all we have for now, we will let you know more when it happens. May the Force be with you, always!