We here at That Hashtag Show have mixed feelings about the YouTuber, Mike Zeroh. He’s become a polarizing figure in the Star Wars community, earning a large following of loyal viewers with equal amounts of haters and critics.

In this era of fake news, he has made quite a mark selling his fan theory and speculation as fact. Like it or not, many of your favorite entertainment sites do the exact same thing, they are just more careful with how they package it. Now, this might be a an unpopular opinion but, we like him. Sure much of is stuff is just plain made up, but he’s entertaining and he often gives us things to ponder and discuss. Isn’t that worth something? Isn’t discussion and speculation a driving factor in geek culture conversation?

He’s been at it aggressively now for 10 years. Starting with gaming and zombie stuff before moving into Star Wars a few years back. Love his work or hate it, he does works hard. He’s even gotten to the point, where he has broken some legitimate stories.

Now, we totally understand if you don’t agree at all, but who does it hurt if people are enjoying his content? Lucasfilm and Disney obviously don’t mind, in fact, they probably encourage it. Does it rub you the wrong way? What would you say to him, given the chance?

Check out his latest video about Palpatine’s return and let us know how you feel in the comments below. May the Force be with you, always!