Comic-Con always brings out the cosplayers. New York Comic-Con 2018 was no different. We’ve been posting pictures of the some of the better, non-Star Wars related costumes we encountered over the course of the four day event with our daily recaps. And sure, there was some Star Wars cosplay going on, as well. If you want to take a gander at the non-Star Wars cosplayers, you can see them via the links to the daily recaps below:

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Star Wars Cosplay at NYCC 2018

Star Wars Cosplay

Panel of Star Wars Cosplayers discussion their costume projects

I have to say: when it comes to Star Wars cosplay at this New York Comic-Con this year, however, I was a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong – those I did see generally impressed such as Rey and Queen Amidala, pictured below. There just weren’t that many Star Wars cosplayers, generally. I think in part it may have had to do with the fact that Star Wars Episode IX doesn’t come out until next December. And, as we know, there’s nothing else (cinematically, at least) on the horizon until then.

Combine that with the fact that there were only a few Star Wars panels this year, and I suppose I can understand folks’ reluctance to come out. Plus, we previously touched on the high cost of Star Wars Cosplay, especially if you go all-in on a set of Stormtrooper armor, like the fellas in our featured photo up there.

Nevertheless, those that did come out in their Star Wars cosplay did so enthusiastically. You can see a good sampling of the Star wars cosplayers from New York Comic-Con 2018 in the slideshow below:

And don’t forget: Star Wars Celebration 2019 takes place April 11-15 in Chicago. There’s still plenty of time to get your Star Wars cosplay set for that.