Well, NY Comic-Con 2018 has come and gone. Fans were treated to a jam-packed, four day festival of geekiness, and there were no real disappointments. As is typical with events of this nature, however, there wasn’t too terribly much to speak about on Day 4. Most of the big-name celebrities had gone, the panels had all but wound up, and all the trailers released.  

The last day of Comic-Con is typically relegated to throngs of fans looking for bargain buys. Variant-cover comics (which this writer may or may not have purchased…*ahem*), discounted prices, and lots of bargain loot crates waited those fans patient enough to wait until the last day.

A Little Comic-Con-troversy on Day 4

Image: Marvel

Things got a little heated at Marvel’s last panel, despite the generally jovial tone of the convention. A fan stirred up the Women of Marvel panel when she intimated that there was a “forced diversity” policy at Marvel. The implied question in query was clear. Was Marvel hiring less competent, female writers and illustrators for the sake of Diversity?

Over course the panelists took umbrage to the question, turning it back on the speaker. They asked her if she would pose the question to a panel of men. The speaker unsurprisingly said yes, but it’s hard to believe that to be true. It sparked a good discussion about hiring practices and, well, the women of Marvel, so I suppose the question did have some merit.

Cosplay of NY Comic-Con 2018

There was a stellar display of cosplay this year at NY Comic-Con 2018. We’ve already highlighted the first three days of cosplay here on these pages.  Spider Man and Harley Quinn definitely had the biggest showings of the weekend. Today we’ll leave you with some other individuals who aren’t afraid to let their geek flag proudly fly.

It’s been a blast reporting from NY Comic-Con 2018 for you guys. This is JJ, signing off from NY.

Hey Spider Man! Do a back-flip!

NY Comic-Con 2018

I would not mess with this hot mess of a Harley Quinn.

NY Comic-Con 2018

Uh, don’t they hate each other or something?

NY Comic-Con 2018

Sweet Christmas!