If life is a highway, then The Rose Table has become the perfect pitstop with its most recent Cars-themed Disney Dinner.

The Rose Table is known for its Disney Dinners that take inspiration from Disney films in order to create sophisticated dinner parties with elegant place settings, chic decor, and refined menus. However, Disney Dinners: Cars is such a casual affair that the hostess, Katie-Rose Watson, describes it as “the polar opposite of so many of my other dinners”.

Cars is the story of hotshot racecar Lightning McQueen who finds himself in the rundown town of Radiator Springs and learns that the most valuable things in life can be hidden in the most unexpected of places.

Cars was inspired by and celebrates Historic Route 66 and the roadside Americana it represents: neon-lit buildings, hotrods, and of course, diners. With that in mind, The Rose Table decided that in order to transport its guests to Radiator Springs, it would have to trade in its fancy linens and china for paper napkins and plastic burger baskets.

The table replicated the uncomplicated charm of a 50s diner with glass soda bottles serving as both decor and refreshment, flowers in mason jars, and ketchup and mustard bottles at the ready.  Checkered flags and a tablecloth adorned the dining room to evoke black and white tiled floors and the finish line flags, vintage car posters lined the wall, and a neon lightning bolt centerpiece all contributed to the nostalgic ambiance.

The menu was classic American diner food complete with Sliders, Bread Cones filled with Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese (like the ones you can find in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure), Amaretto Milkshakes topped with Dark Chocolate Doughnuts.

Disney Dinners: Cars is an incredibly easygoing dinner party that refrains from The Rose Table’s usual formality and grandeur without sacrificing any of the affection or enthusiasm felt in their events. It’s a wonderful change of pace and a great reminder of the film’s central message that sometimes its the simpler things that can bring you the most joy.