It was delights from the depths for NYCC 2018 fans on Day 3, with Hellboy taking top honors as the most talked about topic of the day. Dark Horse’s comic competitors Marvel and DC didn’t stay away from the fray, however. They jumped right in with offerings of their own. The three comic book juggernauts definitely came out swinging with their cinematic, television and comic book offerings. As Comic-Con begins to draw to a close, we recap the biggest highlights of NYCC 2018, Day 3.

NYCC 2018Fans lined up in droves for the chance to get an autograph from David Harbour, Mike Mignola and company Saturday afternoon. It was the panel presentation, however, that really whipepd the crowd into a frenzy. During the panel, fans got to see a teaser trailer that the production studio has yet to release online. In it, Harbour displays some true acting talent as he tries to get to the core of Mignola’s “existential kind of horror.”

NYCC 2018To say the teaser left fans crying for more is the understatement of the day.