Isn’t She Mah-velous?

A little less than a month ago marked the debut trailer for the highly anticipated Captain Marvel movie. In honor of that, I would like to present to you 5 of the top Marvel graphic novels/comic books that are a must read. If you know her, then you know these, if you don’t, these will help you get into the spirit of the newest superhero to hit the big screen. So without further ado, and in no particular order….

5. Generations. Captain Marvel joins forces with fellow superhero Singularity to combat the evil villians across the multiverse, enlisting also the help of She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, and Runaway Nico Minoru.

4. Captain Marvel #1(2014). This new take on the super-heroine, was released in 2014 and revitalizes the famous female crime/villain fighter. Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers, a girl from the Boston suburbs. She loves science and the Red Sox(boo), and was given her powers by a Kree hero. In this issue, she is a leader of the Avengers and a commander of Alpha Flight, but anxiety has forced her to relive memories of a long lost life thought left behind.

3. This Woman, This Warrior. This novel covers the comics #1-23, and is the essential reading for fans of the hero, and new fans excited to see the new movie. In these issues, you discover the origins of Ms. Marvel, her Kree-given powers, and her beginning adventures in the multiverse.

2. In Pursuit of Flight. This book is where we really start to see who Carol Danvers is as a person, and who she is becoming as Captain Marvel. In this story, Captain America himself convinces her to drop the moniker Ms. Marvel, and take on the much more powerful Captain Marvel name. She is sucked back in time with the Banshee Squadron, where she discovers a secret NASA project, and ends up in a battle for power with the younger version of her mentor.

1. Avengers: The Enemy Within. In this story, Captain Marvel is grounded from flying after what appears to be a brain tumor is discovered. A bizarre string of events then begin to happen, that appear to mirror events from her past, and she is thrust into situations that force her to use her Kree powers, thus causing the brain tumor to advance. When it becomes clear that the villain Yon-Rogg, aka Magnitron, is behind eveything, including her brain tumor, Captain America, the Avengers, Spider-Woman, and Bruce Banner alike, spring into action to help Captain Marvel and defeat the Warlord trying to destroy her.

So there you have it, essential reading for fans old and new alike, to get you hyped even more for the upcoming major motion picture. What are some of your favorites that you would suggest?