The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Kathleen Kennedy received 3 years. Sorry troll, that is not jail time.  Kennedy’s contract as president of Lucasfilm has been extended until 2021.

It feels as if pieces are falling into place.  Bob Iger recently came out and took some responsibility for the failed box office of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Iger promised a slow down to the Star Wars franchise.  Worries are that Iger may slow the franchise down too much, but with this extension, it shows some confidence in the Star Wars overall direction.

Some have called for Kennedy’s position, since the release of The Last Jedi.  Kennedy’s record speaks for itself.  While she has had some missteps

with multi-billion dollar property, her corrections have been on point. With Star Wars alone she has made back the $4 Billion Disney paid for the franchise in only four movies.  Many cried foul when the books were thrown out.  The new canon books that have replaced them are a thousand times better, nearly to the book.


There is one thing odd about the contract extension.  In only being three years, it covers next to nothing.  Congrats, Kathleen, three years have passed where nothing has happened.  You did a great job.  Why not a five year contract?

It is not entirely true that nothing will be happening.  We have Episode 9 coming out in 2019.  There may be things people like and do not like, but in the hands of JJ Abrams, it’s safe to assume it will be a solid film. Benioff, Weiss, and Johnson have projects in the works, but their release dates are uncertain at this point.  The streaming service will launch, but that too is pretty much a certainty.  The chances of Dave Filoni screwing up season 8 of The Clone Wars – 0.0%.  The chances a Director the caliber of Jon Favreau could mess up the forth-coming streaming series? 0.1% Then you have Indiana Jones 5, but I doubt a Spielberg project would get anyone fired.

Here is what does not make sense with the three-year timeline extension.  One option makes sense.  The other does not.  The three-year timeline makes sense if she will basically be put into station-keeping mode.  She will be leaving, but a new prospect needs time to transfer over.  In which case, future projects will be on hold, hence the slow down announcement.  I don’t think there is much chance of this option, but it is possible.

Oddly, that is the one that makes sense though.  The other option is that her contract has been extended, and she is to be president while Star Wars moves forward.  She will be responsible for planning and putting into motion any other projects, but at three years she would be unable to see any of the newer projects through to fruition.  Why would she be allowed to start projects, but be let go before their release?  Again, why only three years?

With a couple of near-guaranteed successes and nothing else new being released in the next three years, there is nothing to really judge her future off of.  It is a safe bet she will receive another contract extension after this one.  Kathleen Kennedy is going nowhere any time soon.