The Shadow Ranger is finally in Legacy Wars!

That’s right, Doggie Cruger is coming to the game, and nWay has released the video, which you can see above, showing off his moveset. Cruger is one of the most popular characters from Power Rangers SPD, and he is going to one of the characters that every player will want to use. And you can read on below to hear about his moveset:

  • Justice Combo: Cruger hits the enemy with a horizontal slash and then a vertical slash, followed by one more horizontal slash that knocks the enemy back.
  • Shadow Slice: Cruger dashes forward, covering a sizable distance and then hits with a sword attack, knocking the enemy high up into the air and then dashing back out of range.
  • Shadow Saber: Cruger calls upon the power of S.P.D then dashes forward and knocks the enemy off the ground, setting up for other combos or moves.
  • Confinement: Cruger summons a blue cube to surround the enemy, which keeps the enemy unable to move or dash. It is unclear though if the enemy can still take damage during this time.
  • Assist: Saber Strike: Cruger dashes forward and unleashes a wave of energy from his Saber, knocking the enemy off their feet without having to get within melee range.
  • Combo 1: Shadow Saber – Shadow Slice: Shadow Saber allows Cruger to knock the enemy into the air, giving him time to call upon Shadow Slice and knock him back into the air before hitting the ground.
  • Combo 2: Shadow Slice – Justice Combo: Shadow Slice knocks the enemy high into the air, and as he comes down Cruger enters into the Justice Combo, hitting him multiple times before the enemy can really hit the ground.

Source: Comicbook