Netflix To Let Viewers Choose Their Own Ending Starting With BLACK MIRROR

If your introduction to “choose your own adventure” stories was through the Goosebumps series like I was then this piece of news is going to make your eight year old self squeal with excitement. Sources at the company informed Bloomberg that the streaming service is developing a slate of shows that will implement a “choose your own ending” feature. This is set to kick off with a single episode in season 5 of Black Mirror which is set to be released this December.

Netflix is looking to have a big year in 2019. They have pledged to invest over a billion dollars in new original content, and will also be attempting to change the game once again by dabbling in Interactive Television. The streaming giant has already tested the waters with the children’s program, Puss In Book, which allowed viewers to choose whether its main character fights a god or a tree.

The company will also be releasing Minecraft: Story Mode later this year which they had partnered up with the now defunct company, Telltale Games, to produce. This is a move that could change the scope of mainstream television.

However, I wouldn’t expect Hulu, or Amazon to jump right into the interactive television business. The logistics of doing a live action “choose your own adventure” story is a complicated matter. Depending on how many options one would have for a particular story we would go from 100+ page script to a 300+ page script. Netflix appears to have the necessary capital to fund such a concept, but I doubt that its competitors do.

This is a smart way to lure in more viewers especially gamers and those who are tech savy. What Netflix show would you like to have a “choose your own adventure” experience with? Let us know in the comments!