I was among the many skeptics when I first learned that Star Wars Resistance would be made in anime style and possibly geared towards younger audiences. However, the more I see of the show, the more I’m encouraged. Our latest sneak peek comes from a Resistance extended preview courtesy of the Star Wars Youtube channel.

In the new, three-minute clip, we see some previously seen footage and a lot of new material. Show protagonist Kaz meets Poe Dameron as Poe pulls Kaz into the world of galactic espionage. Kaz’s mission is to spy at refueling station Colossus and determine who’s loyal to the Resistance.

Poe and Leia Appear in Resistance Extended Preview


ResistanceExtended Preview

Leia as she appears in ‘Star Wars Resistance’

“There are a lot of dangers out there in the galaxy. When people are in need, we help,” Poe says as the featurette cuts to the Poe, Team Fireball and the Aces in action. The station is constantly coming under attack from pirates…. But we learn that something is different about the recent attacks. Poe tells Leia he believe the First Order is making weapons.

Resistance Extended Preview

“Pirate strategies have been changing,” says the station commander. “They’re better prepared, they have better equipment, and I don’t know how.” It’s at this point that the new trailer gets interesting. From there the scene fades right into an image of Starkiller Base, implying that the First Order is supplying the attacking pirates. Phasma all but confirms that with her line “I want that station destroyed.”

Resistance Extended Preivew


Interestingly, we also get to meet a new, elite First Order Stormtrooper. In previous clips, we see what we thought to be Phasma. It seemed the light cast in such a way that her armor appeared gold. Not so. In this feature we see Phasma in all her chrome glory, meaning the gold trooper is indeed a different character. That gives us three elites, including Cardinal, the red-clad Stormtrooper first introduced in Delilah S. Dawson’s novel Phasma.

Resistance Extended Preview Shows Promise

All in all the new, the Resistance extended preview gives us a fairly extensive preview of the characters and action to be featured in the new animated series. It’s enough to entice me to tune in when the show debuts to get a look at the post-Return of the Jedi era.

The first episode synopsis for “The Recruit” tells us “Poe Dameron assigns newly appointed spy Kazudo Xiono to Colossus, an aircraft refueling platform on an outer rim water planet; after Kaz boasts about being the best pilot around, he is forced to compete in a  dangerous sky race.”

Star Wars Resistance premiers October 7 on the Disney Channel.