Disney’s media blitz ahead of the Star Wars Resistance debut continues. This time the studio has released a Resistance sneak peek clip ahead of the new Star Wars series’ premier. Taking place prior to The Force Awakens, the clip introduces us to another new character, Tam Ryvora, one ofTeam Fireball’s resident mechanics. Tam, however, is none too happy with Kaz Xiono’s arrival.


Kaz Meets his Competition in Resistance Sneak Peek

We already know that Poe Dameron recruits show protagonist Kazuda Xiono to spy on the happenings at Colossus Station. The Resistance sneak peek shows the first meeting between Kaz and Tam, who learns that she just lost her ride to Kaz.


Resistance Sneak Peek

Tam Reyvora of ‘Star Wars Resistance’. (Image: Disney)

Jarek Yeager, head of the starship repair shop where the scene takes place, breaks the news to Tam. As a favor to an old friend (Poe), Yeager has taken Kaz on and loaned the Fireball to him.

The Fireball Lives up (or Down) to its Name

The Fireball. (Image: Disney)

Much to Kazuda’s dismay, he learns why they call the ship “Fireball”. It’s only blown up three, er, four times previously. Once promised to Tam if she can get the ship flying again, the task of making the derelict starship flightworthy now falls to Kaz. As Tam sulks away, Kaz points out the laundry list of repairs the ship will need. When parts fall off, Kaz must wonder just what Poe Dameron has gotten him into.

According to the Resistance sneak peek synopsis, “Kaz gets to know the colorful characters he’ll be working alongside on the gigantic aircraft refueling platform Colossus.” That includes Yeager, Tam, a Nikto mechanic named Neeku, “and their old battered astromech droid, Bucket.”

Resistance Sneak Peek

Bucket: R1-J5 of ‘Star Wars Resistance’. (Image: Disney)

Bucket appears as if someone pieced him together from old droid parts. The droid’s official starwars.com bio describes him as “a battered, decrepit old droid addled by outdated, glitching programming.” He almost looks like a cross between Chopper from Rebels and Star Wars: A Star Wars Story’s L3-37. How the droid can even function is something we’ll have to wait to learn.

Star Wars Resistance debuts on the Disney Channel at 10:00 pm Eastern, Sunday October 7.