After a member of X-Statix dies they must come to terms with the loss and filling the hole she left in X-Statix Vol. 1: Good Omens.

X-Statix formerly known as X-Force are a superhero team with a twist.  Their adventures are broadcast on TV and the team has become reality stars.  However, after Edie Sawyer died the team has been in turmoil. Leader Guy Smith was in love with Sawyer and is rack with guilt and is slowly losing his mind.

The team is looking for someone who can take her spot.  However, this is made even harder by some competition. A rival superhero team known as O-Force.  They are taking a lot of the good free agent heroes. X-Statix needs a sexy hero on the team because their only female is known as Dead Girl and doesn’t have broad sex appeal.

However, the perfect hero shows up just in time.  Venus Dee Milo is made up of unstable energy and can teleport and use the energy to attack or heal.  Smith is apprehensive to take her on the team because if she takes Sawyer’s spot them Smith will have to come to terms with Sawyer really being gone.

Meanwhile a teenage boy named Arnie with a newly awakened mutant power is controlling the town.  He is able to manipulate the world around him and is not using his power in a positive way. The boy is basically the kid from that Twilight Zone episode where everyone has to appease the kid or they die.  One of the things he does is make his old music teacher unable to sing and mangles his fingers so he can’t play an instrument.

A showdown between Arnie and X-Statix is growing closer with each passing day.  Arnie’s favorite superhero team was X-Force, he was in love with Sawyer and he blames Smith for her death.

X-Statix Vol. 1: Good Omens was written by Peter Milligan with art Mike and Laura Allred, Paul Pope and Darwyn Cooke.

I love the Allreds’ art so a book with their art is going to get my attention.  This was a different kind of superhero comic. I knew it was going to be, but I was not expecting it to be so different.  The volume was mostly about the relationships between the characters and not really about crime fighting.

A superhero reality show was really interesting.  I had never heard of anything quite like that and added a different dynamic to the comic.  If superheroes were real then something like that would totally happen.

It is weird to see that only one of the characters is still kinda around today.  Doop being that character. Doop is a green floating blob speaking a weird language some of the characters can understand.  He is always kinda just around and films the actions.

There was a bit of humor in the comic too.  Allred comics usually do have a bit of humor so I wasn’t surprised.  Doop being the funniest part of the volume. At one point while looking for a new team member for X-Statix a hero goes too far and kills another hero.  To take care of this dangerous hero they send him and Doop into the woods. Eventually Doop murders hims but we don’t get to see it. It is funny because Doop looks so unassuming, but underneath he is a bad-ass assassin.

I liked this comic but it just wasn’t what I was expecting or wanted from it.  This is not a bad comic I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I wish I had.