The international spoilers for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel have just finished up this week with episode 20. While the rest of the world is waiting for the Halloween and Christmas episodes, us fans here in America are getting the rest of the episodes over the course of the next month or so. We did get spoilers for the finale, so if you want to read what happens in the finale, then check below. These spoilers come from French fan Sungel.


Madame Odius infiltrates the Rangers’ base with Mick, and forces him to develop a new Power Star for her. He does so, and Odius leaves with the new Power Star, and the Ninja Nexus Prism.

This allows her to tap into her ultimate, final form.

In the meantime, the brainwashed civilians from Episode 19 begin to teleport to Madame Odius’ ship, Calvin included. Sarah and Hayley know they must save Calvin, so they pretend to be brainwashed to get teleported as well.

Dane returns, but it’s revealed that he’s brainwashed and he attacks the other 3 Rangers (Brody, Levi, and Preston).

On Madame Odius’ ship, Hayley attempts to turn off the satellite that’s brainwashing people, but Calvin stops her. The two fight, and Hayley manages to destroy the satellite just in time, freeing everyone from the brain control. Hayley and Calvin are relieved, and the two get back together.

Elsewhere aboard the ship, Victor and Monty are now being asked to juggle grenades. Calvin, Sarah, and Hayley find them, and enlist Victor and Monty to get everyone back down to Earth. The duo succeeds in getting everyone back to Earth, but at the last minute, they’re ambushed by Cosmo Royale and Badonna.

Victor and Monty throw their grenades at Cosmo and Badonna, killing them and blowing up Madame Odius’ ship.

On Earth, it’s time for the final fight. Madame Odius proves to be too strong in her final form, but the Rangers remember that they’re able to fuse their Ninja Power Stars together. They do so, giving them superpowers with a glowing, aura effect around them.

With this new power, the Rangers defeat Madame Odius once and for all. Earth is saved.

Victor and Monty are congratulated for saving everyone aboard the ship. As a reward, they are given a trophy. Victor finally gets his 50th trophy.

The Rangers give their Ninja Power Stars back to the Ninja Nexus Prism, as the Prism flies off in hopes of saving another planet.

Earth is saved, and the Rangers return to a normal life of studying for school.


So it does seem like the final episode will be slightly better than finales of the past. But until it airs here in America, we shall wait and see.

Source: Power Rangers NOW