It was revealed over the summer that director Jeff Wadlow would be helming a film based on the long running television series Fantasy Island. Blumhouse and Sony Pictures are teaming up to bring the supernatural thriller to the screen and we have details on what to expect when it hits theaters!

The original series, which aired on ABC from 1977-1984, saw visitors pay to come to the island to have their fantasies fulfilled. While some recall it as light-hearted, it often dealt with time travel, supernatural events and mythological entities. With Blumhouse on board as a partner, the lightheartedness may be taking a back seat. The film will follow the same premise as the series, as described below, including Roarke’s warning that things may not go as expected:

A new group of guests have arrived at Fantasy Island, each filled with a mix of excitement and trepidation, anxious to see their fantasies realized. However, as the ever-sage MR. ROARKE warns our eager hopefuls, “The fantasies rarely play out as you — or I — might expect. But they always play out exactly as they should.”…

The character of Mr. Roarke was played by Ricardo Montalban in the original series and is the island’s enigmatic host. In the film, Roarke will be playing host to 5 guests who have come to escape reality on to find they may have gotten into more than they had hoped. The guests are made up of a interesting mix that should allow for an interesting series of events to unfold.

Gwen Olsen is a beautiful woman in her mid-30s. Filled with regret, her sad eyes hide a dark secret that could cost everyone on Fantasy Island their life.

A breath-taking young woman who has never had to prove herself, Sloane Bridges is coasting through life. Though she’s newly married, with a seemingly perfect picture life, but appearances can be deceiving.

JD is described as a bit of a cut-up who is still living out the glory days of his 20’s well into his 30’s. His humor and charm help make him the idol of his adopted younger brother Brax, who JD has brought to Fantasy Island to give him the greatest weekend of his life which might also be his last. Though not as cool as his brother JD, Brax has  a refreshing sweetness. He has joined his older brother JD on the Island, is thrilled when granted a fantasy of “having it all,” but is terrified to discover that might mean having to fight for it.

Confident and strong, Patrick Sullivan is a cop looking to play hero in a Call of Duty-esque fantasy, but secretly he yearns to be reunited with his long deceased father, a wish that the island will grant with dangerous consequences.

The new guests will come across the mysterious Damon, a former guest who has been forced into an extended stay on the island, he is determined to reveal its secrets and expose Roarke.

Fans of the show will undoubtedly remember Tattoo, Mr. Roarke’s diminutive sidekick. It seems that while many facets of the show are making the transition to the big screen, Tattoo will not be one of them. In the film, Roarke is slated to have a new trusted assistant: Tiffany. At first glance Tiffany appears to be a servant to the island hotel, but as there is to everyone in the film, there’s more to her than at first glimpse.

It remains to be seen if the guests will arrive on the island via “ze plane” or by some other means. Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more on this story as this develops.