Rogue One: A Star Wars Story finally gave us the answer on how Princess Leia got the Death Star plans. Jyn Erso was able to get the plans transmitted before the Empire destroyed Scarif. We all know these plans helped the Rebellion destroy the Death Star. What we didn’t know was how big of an impact Erso’s death would have on saving the Rebellion and Princess Leia. Thanks to Star Wars comic #54 we get to see what Erso’s sacrifice meet to the Rebellion.

Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars #54

Jyn Erso saves the rebellion

In the original Star Wars Trilogy, we never got to learn about Jyn Erso. The good thing is that the Star Wars comics are filling in the gaps in the story-line. One of the things we have learned is that Rebellion was nearly destroyed. It’s only because Leia’s direct efforts that the Rebellion was able to survive.

In Star Wars #54 a rebel fleet is being held by the Empire. The only way to save this fleet is by sneaking aboard Darth Vader’s ship, The Executor. So, Leia leads a team on this mission to steal codes that are aboard Vader’s ship to allow the Rebellion fleet to escape. The problem is as soon as Leia’s team infiltrates the ship, they are discovered. Leia being the leader that she is knows the only way to complete the mission is if someone gives themselves up to Vader. She decided that that someone would be her. But before she can Davits Draven stops her.

Draven’s sacrifice

If you flash back to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Davits Draven might sound familiar. He was the Rebellion Officer that was against bringing Jyn Erso on bored to help track down her father. He was also the one that ordered Cassian Andor to assassinate Erso’s Father. Draven in Star Wars #54 decides that by sacrificing himself he can live up to Jyn Erso’s name, and redeem himself for the lack of faith he had in her.


Leia agrees to Draven’s offer of sacrificing himself. As this happens Darth Vader is able to penetrate through the rebel defenses. Draven is captured and killed by Darth Vader’s trademark Force Choke. This allowed Leia to escape. So even after death, Erso’s legacy was able to save the Rebellion and Princess Leia.

Jyn Erso’s impact

This isn’t the first time that Jyn Erso has been mentioned in the comic storyline. We learn in Star Wars comic #52 that Luke Skywalker name his Rogue Squadron after her. Luke comes to this after Wedge Antilles reminds him that they need a call sign. So, what do you think about the Rouge One tie-ins to the Star Wars storyline. What else would you like to see from Rouge One? Let us know by leaving your comments or hit me up on Twitter @starwarsnerd574.