Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo’s new online subscription-based service has officially launched. From the details that were revealed during last Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, you will get to choose from 3 different subscription offerings, or a family plan if you have more than 2 Nintendo Accounts in your household.

So it seems like moving forward, you may need a subscription to play games on your Switch. Well, except for Fortnite.

That’s right. Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale game will still be free to play on the Switch once the online subscription service launches this Tuesday, September 18th.

Polygon is reporting that in the FAQ section for the online service, it was mentioned that there are going to be certain games that can still be played without the online subscription. They were using Fortnite as an example, but it won’t be a surprise if it stays as a free to play game. Now, it is unknown exactly what games other than Fortnite will still be free post subscription service launch.

This also does make a lot of sense for a few reasons. One, because when the game launched on the Switch during E3, it launched as free to download and free to play. So, that wouldn’t change.

Another reason could be that there are a lot of games to download with the subscription service, so keeping as free to play is going to be vital.

But, probably the biggest reason is that Fortnite is on every platform as a free to play game. So, if it were to be one of the games that people would have to pay in order to play it, they would get deterred away from it and go find other games to play.

Personality, I think it’s a smart move to keep as a free to play game, just because more people will then get the game, and more revenue for Epic Games will be generated.