My Hero Academia is about to move away from the  “Hero License Exam Arc,” and they will soon be moving into the “Internship Arc”. And with this new arc, there is going to be a new threat for Deuk and his U.A. Classmates. And we have a preview for the upcoming episode which starts off this new arc.

The next episode is titled “A Season for Encounters”, and in the preview above, you can see the new villain. The villain is named “Overhaul”, and if you want to read a bit more about his character, then read below.


As fans of the manga should know, Overkill is the leader of “Shie Hassaikai,” a group he had formed from the remnants of a previous generation of underworld rulers. And with All Might gone, Overkill now sees a chance for his organization to advance into the underworld. Which also put him in conflict with both Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains.

As for his quirk, it is “overhaul.” His quirk allows him to break down and resemble objects through physical contact. He also wears gloves to help control his potentially destructive powers. He also wears a bird-like mask that is the staple of Shie Hassaikai’s roster of the “Eight expendables” – which is a dark twist on Buddhism’s Eight Precepts.

The mask is also protection, because Overkill is a total germophobe, and he can’t stand being touched by other people. As a crimeboss, he is credited with being highly intelligent and strategic. He’s also able to feign calm, cool, and politeness, until something (like being touched) triggers his dark nature and causes him to commit some ruthless acts. He doesn’t care about anyone else beyond their practical value to his plan – which is pretty much nothing less than to become the new ruler of the underworld.


Now, if Overhaul seems like a striking resemblance to the  League of Villains leader Tomura Shigaraki, this is definitely not an accident. From their respective quirks to their backstories, they both live almost exact lives.

Now for those who don’t know the upcoming storyline for MHA, here’s a quick rundown. In this upcoming story arc, the students at U.A. are getting paired up with Pro Heroes for educational internships, while the villain world rises in the wake of All Might’s retirement.

So if your caught up on this season, then this next story arc will be amazing.

Source: Comic Book