In August, Warner Bros announced plans for a Supergirl feature film.  Now, rumors for the movie’s villain have hit the Internet.  The Supergirl movie is still very early in development. So, things can change.


Twitter user Daniel R (@DanielRPK) tweeted out a possible Supergirl movie spoiler.  “The plan (for now) is that Brainiac will be the main villain.”  Daniel R has been a reliable source in the past.  So, this is a very real possibility.

While screenwriter Oren Uziel (22 Jump Street) is crafting the script, Warner Bros has not chosen a director.  Until the director is locked down and in pre-production the villain could change.  Director Sam Raimi famously pushed Doctor Octopus from the first Spider-Man film to the sequel. Doctor Octopus was meant to be a secondary villain, but the director thought the plot with the Green Goblin was enough.


When it comes to Superman villains, Brainiac rivals Lex Luthor.  He has made multiple appearances in the comics and other Superman media.  Comic creators normally portray Brainiac as an extraterrestrial android or cyborg.  Sometimes he looks like a bald green-skinned man and other times he is a menacing robot similar to The Terminator.

1966’s The New Adventures of Superman cartoon shorts used the character. And 1978’s Challenge of the Super Friends cartoon added him to the Legion of Doom.  Television dramas have also portrayed Brainiac in live-action.  These shows include Smallville, Supergirl, and Krypton.

In Superman: The Animated Series, animators incorporated Brainiac into Superman’s origin.  He was originally a self-aware supercomputer that monitored the planet Krypton.  When Superman’s father Jor-El warned Krypton’s high council of the planet’s imminent destruction Brainiac claimed he was wrong.  This was a lie to give Brainiac time to save himself.

Years later, an evolved Brainiac arrived on Earth with the intention of collecting Earth’s data and destroying the planet.  Superman fought and defeated him.  Brainiac made multiple appearances in the series and showed-up in the related Justice League animated series.