At long last, the teaser trailer for Captain Marvel, the next Marvel movie due up, has dropped.  We were treated to some pretty sweet pictures in the pages of Entertainment Weekly recently, but nothing beats the moving and storytelling of an actual trailer…Usually.

After having watched the Captain Marvel Trailer a few times now, I feel underwhelmed and confused.  I know very little about the story and evolution of the character from the comics, so I think I see this as the average movie goer would.

Carol Was Confused.  Join the Club.

Carol Danvers is obviously in some sort of confused state, feeling like she should belong to Earth, but she has no idea why.  These movies can be hard to pitch because it’s usually the character’s journey to rediscovery driving the movie.  You can’t spell out everything for the audience and not for the character without defeating the purpose of the movie itself.

As I watched the trailer, I was confused what all was going on.  There were a great many things implied and hinted at, but the specific story is elusive.  We see Skrulls, a de-aged Nick Fury (two eyes no less), and a Blockbuster Video.  If that doesn’t set the time period I don’t know what does. But why?  Who are the Skrulls and what do they want?  Why is Fury involved?

See the source imageIt seems Captain Marvel is coming from space with a crew all in green uniforms.  Captain Marvel usually sports red and blue with some gold, as was teased in the Infinity War post-credit scene. Is there something going on with these outfits or just a different era?

Also, I am not overly familiar with Captain Marvel and her powers.  I do not know her limits or what all she can entirely do.  After this trailer – she glows. Yay.  To be honest this has more of a Green Lantern film than Captain Marvel.

See the source imageStill Hoping

I am not saying this is a bad trailer per se.  I am still interested in the real trailer release.  The first real trailer will usually lay out a more coherent story, and hopefully show a little more action than the first teaser trailer.  Teasers a lot of times can just be jumbles of images just to get ideas out into the public that this movie is coming.

I am still hoping the movie will be good, but there was nothing in this trailer I could really attach too and understand what was going on. Since this will be setting the stage for both the Infinity War sequel as well as phase 4, there is a lot riding on this movie.