A lot has happened in the galaxy far, far away. Through three Star Wars trilogies of films we’ve seen the “big three” eras of galactic conflict. The prequels gave us the Clone Wars. The original trilogy, the Rebellion against the Empire. Conversely, the sequel trilogy gives us the era of the First Order. But what happened in between the latter two? That’s a thirty-year gap of which we’ve yet to see. Star War Resistance will begin to fill that void.


The new animated series, set to debut in just a few weeks on the Disney Channel, will focus on the time following Return of the Jedi. Despite the Empire’s fall, it is a time of political strife and turmoil as the galaxy moves away from despotic control. Recently, the show’s producers discussed what we’ll see when Star Wars Resistance hits the airwaves.

Star Wars Resistance Ushers in a New Star Wars Era


In an interview with SFX Magazine, sister publication to Games Radar, the show’s execs Justin Ridge, Brandon Auman and Athena Portillo provided  some insight into the new show:

Dave [Filoni] told me that one of the plot points he intended Rebels to touch on was stealing the Death Star plans, but obviously they couldn’t do that because Rogue One was coming up, so you’re in kind of a tighter alcove,” said Auman. “Now we’re in this wide-open space that we can mess around in.”

The show will also highlight the beginnings of the First Order. “We’ll find out more about Phasma and her team, the people who operate under her, and what they’re trying to achieve,” added Ridge.

Resistance Extended Preivew

To that end, we know Gwendoline Christie will reprise her Phasma role for the series. So too will Oscar Isaac be back. Poe Dameron will guide the show’s protagonist Kaz into the world of galactic espionage.

We’ll learn more of the post-Return of the Jedi era when Jon Favreu’s live-action series hits Disney’s new streaming service next year. Until then Star Wars Resistance should give us a solid look at a Star Wars we’ve yet to see.

Star Wars Resistance comes to the Disney Channel October 7, 2018.

Source: Games Radar