In Solo: A Star Wars Story we finally get to see all the things that made Han Solo, well, Han Solo. From the first meeting with Chewie to the Kessel Run, Solo is a fast-paced, breathtaking romp through Han Solo’s younger years. But what is the film really about?

In a recent interview, Maul voice actor Sam Witwer discussed Solo: A Star Wars Story from a different perspective. Sure, the movie provides us the cinematic experience of Han Solo’s backstory. However, according to Witwer, there’s more to the movie than that.

Solo: A Star Wars Story … or a Star Wars Love Story?

Solo: A Star Wars Story

As Witwer boils it down, Solo is at its core a tragic love story, one in which Qi’ra must break Han Solo’s heart in order to save it. Witwer explained his interpretation in a recent interview with Cinema Blend:

“It doesn’t occur to you the first time, but the second time you see the movie, that movie is really about Qi’ra trying to save Han Solo’s soul, because she knows he’s gonna follow her all the way to hell if he has the chance, so she has to break his heart. She has to keep him away from the darkest elements of the universe. She has to keep him firmly out of hell and ascending, which his trajectory as a character is to ascend, and she knows that. But that ascendant quality that Han Solo has, that good guy quality could be corrupted and used in the opposite direction, because she knows where she’s going and she knows he doesn’t belong there.”

If You Love Han Solo, Set Him Free

Witwer isn’t wrong. Once separated, Han has one sole (solo?) goal. Make enough money to buy a ship, fly back to Corellia, and reunite with his love. It’s a noble notion, indeed, but one Qi’ra understands is destined for either failure or Han’s undoing. Qi’ra thus follows the old proverb and sets free that which she loves. She does so in the hopes Han will find a better future. Qi’ra wants for his soul a life free of the crime and corruption to which she’s sold hers. Just as she turns to Maul, Qi’ra turns Han away.

Of course, Han has already ventured too far down the smuggler’s path to turn back. Having gotten a taste for the life, and for the Millennium Falcon, Han and Chewbacca set off to find Lando.  Han wins the Falcon, and they blast off to Tatooine where Han hears there’s “a job”. The rest, as they say, is history.

The combination of Dinsey’s poor handling of the film and fan backlash to The Last Jedi (via a boycott of Solo: A Star Wars Story) resulted in a poor box office showing by Star Wars standards. Unfortunately, as a result, any possible sequel is now on hold. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and we’ll see young Han, Chewie, Maul, Qi’ra, the Star Wars underworld on screen again.

Until then, Solo: A Star Wars Story drops on digital Friday, September 14, and on Blu-ray September 25.

Source: Cinema Blend