We still have six months till the release on Marvel’s CAPTAIN MARVEL, and already the theories of what exactly will happen in the film are running rampant. One theory in particular that caught my attention comes from You-Tuber theorist Webhead, in his video he explains how since we will get cameo’s from both original GOTG villains Ronan and Korath there will be scene’s that include Thanos. Since Thanos was in key scenes with Ronan in Guardians we will more than likely get some flashback scenes.

Another awesome theory he had had to do with the Thanos and Gamorra flashback scene that took place in Infinity War. Since we see Thanos and the Black order going planet to planet and cleansing them, you would have to think that Captain Marvel would some how know about all these genocides going on in the galaxy. Kevin Feige has gone on record saying that Captain Marvel is the most powerful hero we’ve seen so you’d have to imagine that she has somehow already crossed paths with either the black order or Thanos.

And that’s not all. Did you notice in Infinity War that black order member Kull Obsidian was wearing a sash with the same colors as Captain Marvel’s suit? Is this a coincidence? Now don’t get me wrong I hope they make appearances in the film. Thanos and the Black Order were some of the best villains that have came out in these ten years of Marvel films. Corvus Glaive’s opening speech was chilling, and even though he didn’t last the whole film his scene’s with Tony Stark and Strange left an impression on me.

with March just around the corner, I’m sure we will get a ton more awesome theories on what will happen in Captain Marvel. I’m just excited it’s taking place in the 90’s. Here’s hoping for a all 90’s soundtrack (Fingers crossed).