So Dreamworks is finally giving us a great look at She-Ra and even better this is the first time we get to see Adora in her full civilian clothes. Comparing the old civis and the new style I much prefer the newer style. It makes sense cause seriously who the heck would walk around in a simple leotard/corset combo as a princess?!

You can also notice the Horde patch on her lapel so that’s a good sign that we might get a similar origin story to start off with, where its goes from there who knows but DreamworksTV haven’t done bad so far in their solid story telling.

We did get a very Sailor Moon-esque transformation sequence in She-Ra, which leads me to the next the title change. She-Ra and the PRINCESSES of Power, that’s right, obviously we are getting the gang back together with all the old characters but are Glimmer, Flutterwing, Mermista and the rest of the gang going to be princesses in the own right as well. Some of Adordas companions were in fact royalty of their own kingdoms in the a past but are they ALL going to be royals now?

Old School

New School

We really dont have much to go on about the story but if this is done right do you think this could possibly lead to another He-man series? Or would you like to just see a bunch of easter eggs instead?

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