It’s a happy and sad day, Adventurers, but as Adventure Time comes to an end, it’s time to turn your attention to the show that (in my opinion) is 10x better! If you’ve never heard of Bravest Warriors that’s okay – allow me to introduce you.

Brought to you by the same team that gave us Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors started out in 2012 on Cartoon Hangover as series of cheeky web shorts, but after quickly gaining  popularity the show started producing full-length, 22 minute episodes. 

Bravest Warriors is set in the year 3085 and follows four teenage heroes: Beth, Danny, Wallow, and Chris, as well as Catbug (we’ll get there), as they travel the universe to save aliens and their worlds. Much like Harry Potter, Steven Universe, and the like, Bravest Warriors becomes deeper and more emotional story as time goes on. 

Beth is the team leader who still struggles with being heard over the noise – even though her plans, and quick thinking are typically what keep them alive. Danny, the inventor of the team, struggles with his own identity and insecurities. Wallow is the gentle giant, optimistic one that brings joy and light to their moments of darkness. Chris, although he seems to be the most inadequate members of the team, is actually destined for greatness. And then there’s Catbug, possibly the CUTEST cat/ladybug hybrid creature in the universe…he’s really just there because sometimes in the heaviest of moments you need something adorable to look at.

The new season of Bravest Warriors premiere’s Friday, September 14th. And yes, I know, the show is already 4 seasons deep, but since it started as mini-sodes it’s actually a really quick, and easy binge – it’s not like this is SupernaturalAnd, you can watch the previous seasons for FREE on VRV so get on it!