During Power Morphicon we got a lot of announcements about some new things coming to the mobile game, Power Rangers Legacy Wars. We have a new VIP feature which will include more daily rewards, crystals, ranking, and more. We also got the announcement of 5 new Rangers joining the game. The Shadow Ranger for SPD, The Ranger Slayer from the Boom Studios! Shattered Grid storyline, Lightspeed Rescue’s Titanium Ranger, the Gold Samurai Ranger, and the Yellow Hyperforce Ranger from Hyper RPG’s Power Rangers Hyperforce.

A new recent policy from Apple has forced nWay to take away the redeem codes for rare characters in the game from the setting section. On the website for the game this is what is listed under the bugs and fixes.

Now, we know what some of you iOS users might be thinking, doesn’t this give non-iOS users an advantage in the game. Well we reached out to the support team at nWay and they told us they’d be getting rid of codes all-together.

If you’re an Apple User let your voice be heard about their policy to Apple. If you’re not on iOS use those codes if you have them. For more info on Power Rangers Legacy Wars check out there website here: http://playlegacywars.com/