From Ben Solo to Kylo Ren

In the first part of this article posted HERE, I took a look at Rey, where she has been and where her character might be headed in Episode 9.  In the second part of this article we will look at Kylo “Ben Solo” Ren and examine his journey and using current rumor to see where he might be heading in Episode 9.

Kylo Ren is a soul torn in half. He has no idea who he is or who he should be.  I truly hope we get a book or comic or something that details his fall from grace at the hands of Snoke and What Snoke did to entice him.  From what little we do know it would appear he was obsessed with power as embodied by his grandfather, Darth Vader.  This was no doubt encouraged by Snoke.  After the perceived betrayal by Luke as seen in The Last Jedi, Kylo turns mostly bad.  He and his Knights of Ren wipe out Luke’s academy and leave.

The problem is that even though he has now done terrible things, his heart still yearns for the light and he cannot solve the conflict within.  Being torn in half weakens him.  Snoke can fell the conflict and even uses it against him.  One of Kylo’s first tests is the face off with his father, Han Solo.  Kylo summons the power to kill his father, but it makes the light tear at him even more.  In the process he gets shot by a powerful bowcaster and defeated by a girl who had never held a lightsaber before, as Snoke chides.

Kylo swears to Snoke that he did what he had too and is stronger.  Snoke sees through the lie and throws Kylo’s bloodline in his face. Here is the first of Kylo’s key scenes.  In the elevator Kylo takes his first major step towards the dark side.  He looks down at the helmet in his hand, his symbolized tie to Darth Vader, and then smashes the hell out of it.  This is the beginning of his philosophy of cutting ties to the past.  He would not become all powerful by being Vader.  He had to become the darkness.  Kylo begins to truly forge his own dark path.

The problem is that even with his rage flowing through him, he is tested moments later and fails.  He refuses to launch the torpedoes that would have killed his mother on the bridge of the Mon Cal cruiser.  His wingmen do it for him, but the fact remains he still cannot let go fully.  It’s now that Snoke uses this weakness to his own ends and facilitates the mind bridge between Rey and Kylo.  Snoke later reveals to Kylo and Rey he started the mind bridge to lure Rey into the trap.  Snoke gloats about stoking Kylo’s conflicted soul, knowing Kylo could not hide the conflict from Rey.

See the source imageFor the first time Kylo realizes how much he has been played.  Snoke underestimates Kylo’s will as Kylo takes his next step into true darkness.  Kylo hides the true target of his intentions and does what many a Sith apprentice would be jealous of, he assassinates Snoke.  His heart is now all but closed, yet he still feels Rey’s path belongs with him.

Rey chooses the light over Kylo, but it isn’t until Crait that Kylo realizes what is going on.  As Kylo picks up his father’s dice, he has one final mind bridge with Rey.  There is still a link of kindred spirits, but Rey closes the Falcon’s ramp, ending any bond they shared.  The dice disappear from Kylo’s hand and Kylo realizes he is truly alone now.